Books! Real Books!

A few weeks ago we received our “School Year In A Box’ as I call it. It has the whole curriculum. It was 35 pounds worth of textbooks, workbooks, lab supplies, art supplies, CD’s, and a jump rope for gym class! The kids immediately started jump roping throughout the house. haha. Delving deeper we looked at the lessons. My son looked over my shoulder and said “a book in color?” Yes people, we have turned into a society of black and white printed worksheets containing little or no stimulation. These poor kids. The stories and lessons weren’t just random either. The lessons contain fun facts and interesting stories that teach you something. I will admit that my daughter was a little overwhelmed seeing it all. To her it looked like a ton of work. To me it was a heads up to what the year was going to bring and I could delve into it and find other means to make the subjects even more exciting! Yes, I was the kind of kid that read the textbooks ahead of time over the summer. Even if my daughter is not that kind of kid, at least I know that she will be learning so much more.

I found home school groups on Facebook! Get this, it’s summer but the homeschoolers still get together and have fun at least once a week. We’ve been bowling, went to the new board game café, and met up for dinner. We find educational things to do and post them as events. I’ve met moms and dads who are trying to make it better for their kids and we are all supporting each other! We aren’t all on the same plan either. There are so many ways out there to teach your child and they have all found the one that works for them.




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