Homeschool 2.0

Hi I’m Jen. I’m a wife, mom of 2 awesome kids (2 dogs and 2 cats who are also my kids), marine biologist (until I had kids)/jack of all trades Master of Nothing, and I was homeschooled back in the 90’s. If my mom can do it from scratch when AOL was just getting popular, so can you! We were doing it because I was fed up that my history class covered 600 years of world history in the span of 30 minutes! I didn’t think that was preparing me in any way for college and I had had enough. When I was younger it was barely legal to do it. Mom had to start from scratch with a lesson plan. We went to book stores to find textbooks (no Amazon yet). We had to go to the board of education to get approval and show a portfolio. God bless her I don’t know how she was so organized. That is a trait I am lacking and I’ve tried taking classes in organization.

I have a little girl just about to enter 3rd grade this coming school year. We had about 2 months left a school when she came to me asking the same question I had asked my mom over 25 years ago. “Mom, I’m not learning anything and I’m so bored. Please can you homeschool me?” Of course I can! I’m a product of homeschool 1.0 and I had the most amazing experience of my life! And can you friggin believe it? Homeschooling is everywhere now! Best of all, there are pre set-up programs to help the unorganized like me. Thank my lucky stars I heard about Connections Academy from my good friend Angie.

Does your kid want to homeschool? Then lets do this!


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